Fife Commercial Bank

Small Bank...Big Ideas

Welcome to Fife Commercial Bank, an ideal approach to business banking. We understand that choosing the right financial partner is an important decision for any business. There are many qualities to look for when choosing the right financial partner. We believe some of the most important are:

Team Support

Fife Commercial Bank has an experienced staff that will get to know you and your business. In doing so, we can provide more personalized service for your business needs and help advise you on where your best business opportunities may be.

Quick Response

 Fife Commercial Bank realizes the need for quick actions and responses for our business clients. We have oriented ourselves to provide quicker loans and lines of credit (in days, not weeks), faster deposits, and an experienced, dedicated staff who knows what they're doing, to fulfill the needs of your business as quickly as possible.

Real People Answer the Phone

When you call Fife Commercial Bank, a real person will answer the phone, not an automated machine.  This allows us to quickly direct you to the person or the service you need. If the person you called for is unavailable, we may be able to direct you to someone else who can help you.


About Fife Commercial Bank
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Fife Commercial Bank is a locally owned commercial bank, with local business owners as Board Members, that aspires to stay locally owned. FCB opened in 1998 with 12 employees, three million dollars in assets, and a dedication to meet the banking needs of local businesses. Since then, we have attained record growth and earnings, providing the bank with a strong foundation for future growth. Our team currently consists of 20 experienced, professional individuals with one goal, providing exceptional customer service. Because we get to know you, we are able to provide personalized service at a level the bigger banks can't. Whether you need competitively priced deposit products, flexible services, or quick, creative, in-house loan decisions, we are able to offer everything in one convenient location.