Remote Deposit

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What is Remote Deposit?

Remote deposit is a business customers' ability to capture the images and transaction information of checks accepted for payment and deliver this information electronically to a financial institution in a format such that the checks can be processed as if the items had been physically received and captured.  These electronic items can then be delivered to other finanicial institutions via an approved file format.

Do I need to buy additional hardware or software to use Remote Deposit?

Remote Deposit is simple.  There's no software to install, no computer upgrades are needed, and no dedicated PC is required.  All you need is an Internet-enabled PC with an internet browser using a single check scanner.

How does Remote Deposit work?

Customers of your business write out checks to make payments.  From the convenience of your business location, an employee scans those checks using the Remote Deposit website which collects data and creates images.  Your business then submits those images over the internet to the bank.  We pick up the collections as X9.37 formatted files which are either forwarded on for processing or printed as substitute checks.

How can Remote Deposit benefit my business?

No longer will you have to rush to the branch for daily deposits. With convenient Remote Deposit service, checks are deposited right from your desktop.  No hassle, no waiting, no more playing "beat the clock."

What does this mean for you?

Your valuable time is not spent traveling to and from the bank, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Simplify your routine. Forgo the daily time, risk, and expense of sending an employee offsite or paying for courier pick-up.

What are you waiting for? Let us show you how! Call us at 253-922-5100.

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Benefits of Remote Deposit

  • Convenience - No more daily trips to the branch. Deposit checks right from your desktop.
  • Expanded cutoffs - Extends deposit window. Deposit can be made beyond traditional banking hours and on weekends.
  • Reduced expenses - Saves time and money. Eliminates the cost and liability of regular trips to the bank. Reduces deposit preparation costs. Fewer NSFs.
  • Faster clearing - Speeds up the availability of funds. Improves cash flow.
  • Streamlined Operations - Automates the process of creating deposit tickets. Improves posting accuracy. Reduces reliance on the number of deposit banks.
  • Peace of mind - Reduces the risk of fraud. Know deposits are being made daily.