FAQ & Glossary


Online Banking

  1. What do I do if I forgot my username and/or password? Contact Michelle or Stephanie at 253-922-5100 with your account number and identification ready.  
  2. What are "Presentments"? Presentments represent the activity that is trying to clear your account for today. The balance before Presentments is your actual balance today and the balance after Presentments is what your balance will be tomorrow, if no deposit is made. If your online banking shows a negative balance because of Presentments you will not be overdrawn as long as a deposit is made to cover the negative balance during business hours. If no deposit is made, those items will disappear from your account the next day and go to the NSF list and you will be charged a per item fee. Items present at different times throughout the day, so if you check your balance early in the day it may not reflect all of the day's activity.

Remote Deposit

  1. I accidently inputted the wrong amount on a scan entry and have already submitted it, what do I do? Contact Stephanie at 253-922-5100 with your account number and identification ready.


  1. When do my statements come out? Statements cut at different times depending on the type of account you have, and you can expect to receive them in the next couple of business days following the statement cut:

Business Checking

Statements are cut at month end

Personal Checking

Statements are cut on 12th day of the month

Money Market

Statements are cut at month end


Statements are cut quarterly


Statements are cut quarterly

Debit Cards

  1. I know there's money in my account, why won't my debit card work? If there are sufficient funds in the account and your card is not working, it may be because you have exceeded the daily limit for debit card transactions. Contact Stephanie at 253-922-5100 to discuss if it is possible to temporarily raise the daily limit on your card.

Large Items

  1. I received a call regarding a large check I had written. Why? Was there a problem with my account? Every morning we review copies of all  large dollar checks that our customers have written to other businesses or to individuals.   With fraud on the rise due to mail being stolen, account numbers stolen over the internet, checks being lost, or any number of methods, we like to make sure that the checks clearing your account are actually checks that you have authorized.


  1. How many branches do you have?
    We have one branch conveniently located at:
    5209 Pacific Hwy E
    Fife,WA 98424

  2. What hours are you open? We are open Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am- 5:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am-5:30 pm. We are closed on Saturdays & Sundays.


Check 21: It is shorthanded for the Checking for the 21st Century Act, a new law that took effect in October 2004.  Check 21 makes a "sustitute check" the legal equivalent of the original check. A "substitute check" couples the image of the original check with additional routing information and has the legal equivalency of the orignal checks they represent. Check 21 makes it possible for a business to remotely and electronically deposit checks with its financial institution.